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Gingerbread and apple

The recipe was made for a charity event. (Hungary, KÉS 2010)

Ingredients for four people:
- 4 acidulated apples (red and green)
- 300 g gingerbread dough
- 100 g butter
- 2-3 tablespoon honey
- Chocolate sauce

Stretch the dough into 3 mm thick sheet, and tear out 4-4 pieces of 5, 6, 7 cm diameter disks, and bake them in a preheated oven on 180 C degrees, about 5-6 minutes. Wash the apples, cut the core out, and cut them into same (tick) thick slices.

Melt the butter with honey, and wait till it starts to caramelise. Then add the sliced apples and grill them until they get a golden-brown color.

Layer the hot apple slices with the gingerbread disks that the dough can drink in the buttery, sweet sauce, and tender nicely. Start the layering with the smallest apple slice. It should look like this: 5 cm diameter apple slice, then a gingerbread disk with the same size, 6 cm apple slice, then a matching gingerbread disk on top. Continue layering, cover with apple on top.

When serving, place the gingerbread-apple at middle of a plate, give a chocolate sauce dressing in the center of the apple and dribble hot chocolate sauce all around it
Advice: Add 1 spray of rosemary into the honey-caramel, thus the dessert gets specific flavor.

Chocolate sauce:
Mix 150 g icing sugar with 50 g unsweeted (dutch or bitter) cocoa dust, 1/2 tbs strach and 25 g filed dark chocolate. Mix into 150 ml water in small doses, and scratch into the inner of a half vanilla rod. After 30 minutes of rest, cook it for 10 minutes with continuous stirring. Cool it in water bath, by still stirring it. This sauce can be stored in a closed glass bottle for weeks in the fridge.


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